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Wireless Communications Systems
A stalwart, proven performer in the public safety environment, mobile, portable, and point-to-point wireless communications systems -- both terrestrial and satellite based -- are growing in importance. Almost any organization with a substantial field force that is interested in simultaneously reducing costs and improving service quality and speed can benefit from this technology. Tech/Knowledge is unique in that our multi-disciplinary approach encourages the integration of usually disparate technologies to achieve the optimal solution to address a client's opportunity. Tech/Knowledge has extensive experience in both public and private sectors in all aspects of the evaluation, design and implementation of these frequently complex multi-vendor environments. Tech/Knowledge applies the same methodologies and approaches proven in the other aspects of our practice to this technically demanding specialty to maximize the success of client projects. Our services include:

Business Case Development-In order for an organization´┐Żs communications system to be truly effective, it must be designed and implemented with a close focus on the business needs and strategic goals of that organization. This applies in the public as well as the private sector. Our proven methodology for quantifying strategic issues ensures that the business case developed surrounding the proposed system, and the subsequent designs and systems resulting from that case are closely tied to the strategic goals of the organization -- and will stand up to the closest external examination as the optimal solution with the lowest long-term cost of ownership.

System Evaluation and Design-Proper design is critical to the success of wireless communications systems. Tech/Knowledge can review the design of existing wireless systems, as well as provide a proper initial system design tied closely to the business needs of the organization. To ensure proper mobile radio system coverage, Tech/Knowledge possesses extensive computer-based radio system performance modeling capability. Models used include NTIA/Longley-Rice, Bullington, and Okumura. This software also permits us to quickly evaluate the suitability of potential microwave radio paths, as well.

System Selection-Involving the preparation of hardware, software, and networking specifications, the development of detailed requests for proposals, the evaluation of proposal suitability, vendor qualifications and the negotiation of contracts.

Site Acquisition and Development-Since the construction of wireless communications networks frequently requires remote radio site locations, expertise in their selection, acquisition and development is essential. Tech/Knowledge has the experience needed to acquire the site and manage all aspects of its development, including building construction and tower erection, if required.

Licensing Services & Regulatory Support-Tech/Knowledge can provide all frequency coordination and licensing services needed for even the most complex radio network. We can represent a client throughout all aspects of the frequency coordination process in any radio service. We maintain a close relationship with several leading members of the Federal Communications Bar Association to support client projects requiring specific Federal regulatory action. Tech/Knowledge can also coordinate all effort required for the preparation of environmental impact reports, and negotiate with local governments regarding permitting and zoning issues.

Implementation Management/Monitoring-Including the development and ongoing monitoring of installation plans and schedules for hardware and transmission facilities, mobile equipment package installation, order placement, the inspection of vendor work, and the development and monitoring of hardware and transmission testing procedures.

Problem Resolution-In addition to the usual issues that arise surrounding the implementation of any sophisticated communications technology, wireless systems can pose special challenges caused by interference problems. These problems can arise suddenly, even in networks with no prior history of difficulties. Tech/Knowledge possesses extensive interference problem identification and resolution capabilities and expertise that can be used both in the field and the office to quickly identify virtually any radio interference problem and develop an effective solution.

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