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Service delivery takes many forms in today's worlds of telecommunication and electronic commerce. Traditionally there is the call center with a role varying from order taking or providing account status to the more complex functions such as product assistance, trouble shooting or telesales. The goal of customer service call centers is to differentiate their products while creating customer loyalty and enthusiasm. Studies continue to show that customer retention is a key to success for many firms since the cost of obtaining a new client is 4 to 8 time the cost of retaining a current customer. Other studies show that satisfied customers may refer 2 to 4 others to a company that has pleased them while dissatisfied customers may tell 20 others of their plight. Tech/Knowledge assists clients establish superior call centers that are highly responsive to customers, yet are cost efficient.

The scope of our call center projects has encompassed:

The strategic role of the call center--These studies deal with the broader concepts of call center Mission, Results, Interaction with Sales, Marketing, Product Development & Customers, Service standards, etc.

Dramatic improvements to Operational Effectiveness --Areas included in operational effectiveness studies include areas like Staffing & scheduling, Process design, Organization & use of teams, Motivation & incentives, upsell and cross sell, Management reporting & monitoring, Skill based routing and Quality assurance. We have increased productivity by up to 40% while maintaining quality.

Technology applications --ACD, IVR, Automated scheduling, Call recording, Remote Agents, Networking multiple centers, CTI, problem management & problem resolution software, Integration with internet and E-mail contact, Fax on demand, etc.

Call Center Economics--Baseline calculations of cost per call, comparisons among call centers and trade off studies of benefit vs. cost often in terms of technology but also shift lengths, overtime, incentives, etc.

Tech/Knowledge has completed well over 100 call center/ customer service/ inside sales projects to include multiple location centers with the number of agents ranging from 5 to over 3,000.

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