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Strategic Planning for Technology
Improper assessment of the important surrounding facts and goals for technology implementation is frequently the single biggest reason for the failure of technology-driven solutions to business challenges. Once a problem is recognized that seems to have its roots in technology, most companies simply replace the perceived problem systems, or throw money at upgrades without a full situation assessment.

Tech/Knowledge starts at the root causes of a business problem by assessing all aspects of the business case, including the technology implications, actions, goals, and initial rationale for the system.

Many times the review of systems and processes reveal a larger technology or management problem. In many situations, some additional work process analysis is warranted. Frequently, the proper re-design or re-implementation of the existing technology already at hand can achieve the needed work process improvements, or only simple alterations of timeworn practices or policies are needed.

We apply the information we have learned during the interview and planning process contained within our strategic planning methodologies. The result is an integrated set of unique solutions that may involve technology and work process modifications, all within the setting of addressing the particular business case.

Whether we are planning for voice systems, call centers, groupware environments, data communications, wide area/enterprise networking, LANs, mobile communications networks or specialized applications, generally, our typical work plan is to:

  1. Assess the application
  2. Review the technology/system used
  3. Review overall expenses and budgets
  4. Review alternate available technology
  5. Set or modify the direction for the application
  6. Review with Management for goal setting
  7. Acquire and implement the technology
  8. Implement and train staff and management

Typically, our clients see the cost for planning and technology recouped within the first year of investment due to smoother workflow and more efficient processes. Our planning can also contribute to an overall enhanced work environment, where levels of observed productivity are measurably heightened. The goal is to observe the situation and plan for a best-case solution, where all implications are properly taken into account before a solution is implemented.

A substantial number of our projects occur when a client selects a new site to occupy and is involved in the architectural planning of the new facility. Our planning efforts in projects of this type usually follows these initial steps:

  1. Needs Assessment for Voice, Data, Networks, LAN Systems, Satellite, Microwave, Workstation Planning, and Radio Systems
  2. Systems Selection based on Needs and Budgets,
  3. Planning for Systems Implementations,
  4. Coordination with the Architectural & Engineering team.

To support the A&E Team during the various phases of the project, such as Programming, Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Documents, and Construction Administration, Tech/Knowledge provides key input to the process, including:

  1. AutoCAD r.14 floor plans,
  2. Complete Construction Specifications coordinated with all other trades,
  3. Complete Construction Specifications for each System,
  4. Construction Cost Estimates,
  5. Milestone Implementation Charts for all Systems,
  6. Bid Review and Selection,
  7. Submittal Review and Construction Administration Support.

As an integral part of the work that we perform throughout our involvement, Tech/Knowledge continually reviews the work effort to ensure that the results of the planning effort matches the needs and budget of the client.

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